Nicholas Electrical Limited  Domestic Commercial Electrical Contractors
Nicholas Electrical Limited  Domestic Commercial Electrical Contractors
NICHOLAS ELECTRICAL LIMITED Domestic . Commercial . Electrical Contractors
            NICHOLAS ELECTRICAL LIMITED       Domestic . Commercial . Electrical Contractors      

Business Q & A with Andrew Nicholas

What training have you had?


I started my working profession in the gate industry after completing my NVQ and City and Guilds at college and of course the all important on the job training. I decided I wanted to go self employed in 2010 and so went back to college  in 2008 to gain the necessary qualfications to a Part P/BS7671 standard to enable me to do this and took it from there.


Since you started your business in 2010, how has it gone?


It has been brilliant, I always wanted to be my own boss and the company has gone from strength to strength. We do advertise locally in the RH19, RH10 magazines but really most of my work comes from word of mouth, which is the best form of advertising.


What brought you into the business?


I am a very practical person, and always have been and unfortunately sometime get called Handy Andy! but it is true, I can pretty much turn my hand to anything within the trades and what I don't know I like to find out or learn from a course. My wife and I renovated our bungalow in 2006, which was a labour of love but it tested my skills in many ways and I am very proud of what we have achieved and we now have a lovely home. It is nice to sit back and say I did that, although we have the bug now and are always thinking of ways to improve our home!


Why do customers choose you over others and keep employing your services?


I have been told that I explain things throughly and put myself in their shoes. Often is the case that my customers don't have electrical work done all the time. So they don't know how much materials and labour costs are, and what to expect.  I break it down for them so they know how much to budget for, and if it isn't something they want to do right at that moment there is no pressure from us, they know they can come back to us when it is suitable and we can use a range of fixtures/fittings and materials to suit their budget. 



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Nicholas Electrical Limited

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